10 Korean Drama Bedroom Inspirations, Comfortable & Instagramable!

10 Korean Drama Bedroom Inspirations

10 Korean Drama Bedroom Inspirations

The popularity of Korean dramas has become increasingly popular in various countries. Not only shows interesting stories with good actors and artists, but there are also many inspirations that can be taken from Korean dramas. One of them is the interior design of the bedroom.

For K-drama lovers, you will often see bedrooms with cute and adorable designs in the drama you watch. Even though it’s small, the Korean drama-style bedroom still looks comfortable and Instagramable.

Interested in having a simple but unique Korean-style bedroom? Come on, see 10 Korean Drama Bedroom Inspirations

1. A small space is not a problem to have a comfortable bedroom!

10 Korean Drama Bedroom Inspirations

Do you rent a small room? No need to worry, with good furniture arrangement you can really get a cozy room. For example, using shelves as well as room dividers to maintain privacy but functional for storing your belongings.

2. Applying a minimalist style of furniture in your room will make the room feel more spacious

10 Korean Drama Bedroom Inspirations 2

Instead of placing a large study desk, you can use this versatile small wooden table. Besides being easy to move, you can use this table for various activities, such as studying or working, to eating. You can save space and make it feel more spacious.

3. Hang clothes on the shelf to add an aesthetic impression to the room

10 Korean Drama Bedroom Inspirations 3

The use of this rack is far more practical than using a closet that is fairly large in size. The simple and light shape also makes this functional decoration easy to move around. Plus, you can also be more practical when choosing clothes to wear.

4. Avoid using thick and bulky furniture because it will make the room feel tight and narrow

10 Korean Drama Bedroom Inspirations 4

If you live alone, use a small or single bed. Place the mattress on a wooden pallet to add a rustic and unique impression. Also choose furniture legs with a slim, tall, and light model that is easy to store and arrange as needed.

5. Choose neutral and calm colors to make the room look clean and spacious

10 Korean Drama Bedroom Inspirations

Simple neutral colors like white, cream, or gray can be chosen as the theme of your room. This neutral color theme is also very suitable to be combined with rustic decorations such as wooden tables, to rattan woven plant pots. Simple but still cozy, right?

6. Take advantage of a motifs  combination to make the atmosphere of the room more attractive

10 Korean Drama Bedroom Inspirations

You can imitate Kim Mi Soo’s room from K-Drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. Some motifs are used as decorations that sweeten the room. Ranging from carpet geometry motifs, walls with plaid themes, to floral nuanced bed covers.

7. Don’t like too girly rooms? Try copying this room with a minimalist industrial theme

10 Korean Drama Bedroom Inspirations

8. You can get instagramable rooms in the Korean drama style by using wood furniture


Ranging from beds, shelves, to desks, choose those made from wood to accentuate the rustic impression. Choose a slim table with high feet so that it can be arranged on top of other furniture to save space.

9. Decorate the room with lights to make a comfortable nighttime atmosphere


Not only playing colors, but you can also use light to create a room atmosphere in accordance with the desired mood. No need to bother sticking around the walls of the room, you can put Tumblr lights or Christmas lights on top of furniture like the example above!

10. Love the concept of clean and minimalism? Apply the all-white theme and add a long mirror to display the illusion of a spacious room



In order not to be monotonous, you can add some indoor plants easily treated in several corners of the room. The addition of this plant can also make the room feel fresher.

How? Interested in having a beautiful Korean-style bedroom above?

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