35+ Korean Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2019

korean hairstyle The shadow perm model

Korean Male Hairstyles: 35+ Korean Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2019

35+ Korean Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2019

Ever heard of Bangtan Boys? Surely those of you who are K-pop lovers are already familiar with the name of this group.

With 7 members consisting of handsome oppa from a ginseng country.

In fact, not a few of the women who claimed to start idolizing this one boy band.

The reasons are varied, one of which is because they like the style of their hairstyles.

Their hairstyle is dynamic and in accordance with the contours of their faces.

But not only members of the Bangtan Boys have cool hairstyles.

The South Korean men who work as actors or other fields of hairstyle are no less attractive.

The review below might help you find out about Korean male hairstyles that women like.

Korean male hairstyles

35+ Korean Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2019: Korean men’s short hairstyle

1. Korean Hair Model Messy Slicked Back


Slicked back hair is usually used for a formal and not relaxed appearance.

However, by making it a bit messy will look more different.

Apart from supporting business or work activities, this display can also be used for daily life.

At the top is made a little volume.

2. Korean Hair Style Slightly Disheveled Quiff

Korean Hair Style Slightly Disheveled Quiff

This hairstyle can be used for a sporty appearance.

Hair is made a bit messy on the front bangs.

However, the sides are kept neat. This type of thick hair is perfect for this hairstyle.

There is no special treatment for this one hairstyle

3. Shaggy Bowl Cut

Shaggy Bowl Cut

This type of hairstyle is a blend of Shaggy and Bowl Cut shapes.

Bowl Cut is usually used for the same length on each side.

However, with the addition of shaggy types, the edges are not even.

The front is made messier but still neat.

This hairstyle still has a neat impression.

4. Hair with Messy Shaggy Bangs

Hair with Messy Shaggy Bangs

This haircut uses a neat cut on the side.

However, bangs are made messier and volume.

So, impressed using Shaggy bangs that layered.

The impression made with this type of model is casual as well as casual.

This model is suitable for people who don’t want to be bothered to straighten their hair all the time.

5. Messy Brown Bangs Hair Model

Messy Brown Bangs Hair Model

This hair looks good when used by curly-haired people.

Thus, the texture of the hair bangs will be seen more clearly.

The hair color used by this hairstyle is a light brown color.

Bangs increasingly seen volume with slightly messy hair in front of him.

6. Messy hair model

Messy hair model

The impression might look messy huh? But when applied the appearance of messy hair, making the appearance more stunning.

7. Mohawk hair model

Mohawk hair model

Mohawk hair has a characteristic hair on the right and left side of the head is cut thin.

Then, the top or middle hair gel is applied to give the impression of stiffness so that the hair is easier when formed standing.

The appearance will look more masculine.

8. Crew cut model

35+ Korean Men's Hairstyle Trends 2019 1

Pieces are better known as crew cut hair.

This South Korean actor did not miss using this style as his hairdo.

You can also apply this hairstyle, maybe it will be the coolest appearance you have.

9. Undercut model

Undercut model

If you notice, the undercut haircut looks like a Mohawk haircut.

But the middle part of the hair looks thicker because there is more hair left on this part.

Very supportive for those of you who want to appear more manly.

10. Crew hairdo model

Crew hairdo model

Look at this Korean male model, the haircut looks unique.

With a crew hairdo cut, which is often applied as a trend for Korean men there.

This haircut looks unique because the bangs are shaped like commas.

Interested in trying?

11. The curtain haircut model

Korean Hairstyles The curtain haircut model

Not only among artists, but this hairstyle is also a mainstay style.

For the actors of this style, they often apply. Hair with this middle split model does look simple, but charming.

12. Front bangs model

Korean Hairstyle Front bangs model

Who said a bangs haircut is only for women, the men in the country of ginseng did not miss applying this one hairdo.

With the front bangs and hair models look a little wavy effect. Looks more cute right?

13. The dandy model

korean hairstyle the dandy model

Watch for Korean men who wear this dandy hairdo.

Looks more charming huh? This cut is made in layers following the head line.

Don’t forget to add bangs accents on the front. To add a more chic impression.

14. Side bangs model

Side bangs model

This one hairstyle is suitable for application to all face shapes.

The impression of youth also radiates right?

15. The two block model

The two block model

Have straight hair? Maybe you can apply the two block model.

The hallmark of this hairstyle is the short cuts on the sides and the back of the back.

While at the top let the long hairdo.

16. Short curly model

Short curly model

For those of you who are bored with your straight hair, maybe occasionally you can try applying this short curly hairstyle.

With a small curly size will make your appearance seem a little messy but chic.

17. The shadow perm model

korean hairstyle The shadow perm model

This hairstyle is perfect for those of you who have slightly curly hair.

To make it look a little volume add a little bumpy impression. Cool, right!

18. The slicked back model

The slicked back model

Slicked back hairstyle makes you look cooler.

Just look at this Korean Oppa. Slicked back hairdo or combed back hair makes it look more stunning.

This one haircut is very suitable to be combined with normal clothing.

19. Highlight

Korean Hairstyle Highlight

Bored with your black hair that’s all?

Maybe you should try highlighting hairstyles.

You only need to apply hair dye so that your hair looks more alive.

20. Model curtain bangs

Korean Hairstyle 2019

With hair that is made into the middle and the bangs that are left on the front are formed opposite to be characteristic of the curtain bangs.

Although it seems outdated, this hair trend is still popular.

35+ Korean Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2019: Korean male long hairstyle

1. Ponytail

korean hair style ponytail

Who doesn’t know jang geun suk?

One of the famous South Korean actors who apply the ponytail style as its flagship.

Looks cool right with her ponytail hairdo. Can also be given an additional side bangs on the front.

2. Natural length

35+ Korean Men's Hairstyle Trends 2019 2

Long hairstyles and left loose, will not reduce your appearance.

Maybe you are bored with short hair, you can try this one style.

3. Long hairstyle with highlights

Korea hairstyle 2019 Long hairstyle with highlights

The look of highlight hair never dies, not only for women.

This hairstyle is also a trend among men.

By choosing the appropriate color technique to make their appearance charming.

4. Long shoulder-length hairdo

Long shoulder-length hairdo

Your appearance looks more cool combined with shoulder length long hair style.

You can also apply bangs as an additional style.

Cool, right!

5. A classic hairstyle with a long back

A classic hairstyle with a long back

Front bangs indeed provide its own value in order to add a younger impression.

With the application of straight hair, you will look more classic.

At first glance, it looks like a shaggy piece huh?

6. Long curly model

Long curly model

For those of you who have thin hair.

This style can be the best choice for your hair.

The impression created makes your hair more volume and a little messy.

But still charming right?

7. The shoulder length curl model

The shoulder length curl model

Your face will look more mature with shoulder-length curls that frame the face.

8. Wavy long hair model

8. Wavy long hair model

The look of your wave accent looks chicer.

9. Curly length model

curl lenght model

Your thin hair can be polished and follows this model.

The bottom part of the hair looks a bit messy.

This is useful to cover up your hair shortages.

Interested in trying?

10. Long straight model

Long straight model

It is suitable for those of you who like to appear simple.

This is useful for those of you who don’t want to be bothered with today’s hairstyles.

11. Long model with front bangs

35+ Korean Men's Hairstyle Trends 2019 3

Do you have long hair? Maybe it’s still lacking if you haven’t applied the front bangs.

Looks more charming huh?

12. Middle split length model

35+ Korean Men's Hairstyle Trends 2019 4

Your hairstyle will be more fashionable right?

13. The long model with side bangs

35+ Korean Men's Hairstyle Trends 2019 5

The application of side bangs makes the appearance more enchanting.

14. A long, straight shoulder blonde model

35+ Korean Men's Hairstyle Trends 2019 6

Blonde hair color will make you look more manly.

How to style this hair is not too difficult.

15. Straight black hairstyle and long straight

35+ Korean Men's Hairstyle Trends 2019 7

For those of you who like anti-mainstream style maybe you can apply this one model.

With the characteristic of long black hair typical of women, still shows the manly side right.

This haircut is often applied to men who are cast in Korean historical dramas.

Here are some Korean hairstyles that are loved by women.

With the right haircut to make them look more charming.

So which haircut makes you fall in love with Korean men?


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