5 Amazing Benefits of Cold Shower You Need to Know


A shower is one of the obligatory activities of humans to get rid of dust and sweat attached to the body. At school, you may be taught to shower twice a day, in the morning and evening. But the more mature, maybe you become busier until you will only shower once a day. However, one thing must be considered, do not miss the shower in the morning with cold water because there are many benefits that you might not have expected before. Well, if you are curious, Let’s see 5 Amazing Benefits of Cold Showers You Need to Know!

1. Can indirectly increase male fertility

For you men who are married and are craving for the presence of a baby, maybe they will do anything so that the desire will be realized soon.

Starting from eating plants that are said to be able to fertilize, buy various types of drugs, even until consulting a gynecologist.

But, you know, it turns out there are trivial things that can improve your fertility. a cold shower in the morning. In a study conducted at the University of California, it was proven that male sperm can increase significantly after a morning bath using cold water for a week. Not only that, but it can also encourage testosterone production.

However, even if the air is cold, do not try to take a morning bath with warm water because it will have the opposite effect.

2. Make moods better

Everyone in this world must have had a problem. When you are in trouble, it is not uncommon for people to become sluggish and not excited. Days were spent sad and daydreaming.

It’s better if there are friends who can be invited to confide in, otherwise, it can be even more dangerous. For those who are truly desperate, they might end their lives by suicide.

There are easy ways that can be done to improve mood According to researchers from the Department of Radiation Oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, taking a morning bath using cold water can stimulate blue dots in the brain.

This blue dot is the main source of noradrenaline which can help reduce depression chemically. Simply put, the brain will create effects like anti-depressants that can improve your mood.

3. Bathing with cold water can also treat skin and hair

Want to get beautiful skin, but lazy? Or want treatment, but it can’t often because of the expensive fees. Relax … we have tips on caring for skin that you can do every day at a very, very affordable cost.

The trick, by taking a morning bath using cold water every day. Thus, your skin will tighten and your pores will narrow to prevent dust from entering the skin.

Not only good for the skin but bathing in the morning with cold water is also very beneficial for healthy hair. Flushing your head with cold water can strengthen the hair roots and protect your hair cuticles.

However, do not try to flush your hair with warm water that tends to heat because your hair will become damaged, easily fall out, and look dull.

4. Improves blood circulation

Many diseases can be caused by poor blood circulation, for example, the body’s immune system decreases, headaches, and heart attacks.

Therefore, many people then try hard to improve their blood circulation. Of the many efforts, which are often done is regular exercise, avoiding smoking habits, and consuming food that increases blood circulation.

Well, in addition to these three things, there is an easy way that can also improve blood circulation, by taking a morning bath using cold water. when cold water touches the skin, the arteries respond by channeling blood throughout the body.

5. Can indirectly reduce weight

Being overweight is one of the problems experienced by many people. Having a weight that exceeds the normal limit is not only bad for physical health but also mental.

The number of people who make fun of fat people, makes people who are overweight become stressed. As a result, they will try to diet desperately to be welcomed around him.

If you also experience this, don’t let your diet program endanger yourself. Try to bathe in the morning with cold water regularly.

You need to know, our body has two fat tissue, which is white and brown. White fat is a fat that appears when you overeat, while brown fat is a good fat that creates body heat.

Brown fat will become active when you are cold, so taking a morning bath with cold water is very effective for burning this type of fat. However, you also have to control yourself from consuming excess food so that white fat does not accumulate in your body.

Don’t be afraid to take a cold shower in the morning? Because the benefits of this cold shower are so many!

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