6 Beautiful Spots on Jeju Island, the Dream of Every K-Drama Lover

Seong-san Ilchulbong spot on jeju island

6 Beautiful Spots on Jeju Island, for Those of You Who Love Watching K-Drama

Jeju is a beautiful island that often appears in Korean dramas. Usually, Jeju island identic with sweet scenes, because there are many romantic spots. It’s really a loss if you go there without stopping at the filming location of a Korean drama. Moreover, the trip to Jeju Island is visa-free, hmm … It’s really fun!

1. Seong-san Ilchulbong is suitable for those of you who want to know how beautiful the sunrise is on Jeju Island

Seong-san Ilchulbong spot on jeju island

Seongsan Ilchulbong or Seongsan Sunrise Peak is one of the world’s volcanic craters. This place is one of the world heritage that must be protected from UNESCO. Located in the eastern part of Jeju beach, you can enjoy the romantic sunrise there. To reach the top of the crater, you have to climb the hill through the stairs that are already available. By the way, Seongsan Ilchulbong was also used as the location for the Korean drama Queen In Hyun’s Man, starring Yoo In-na and Ji Hyun-woo.

2. Seopjikoji Hill is a beautiful grassland that is so vast. Perfect for couples in love

Seopjikoji Hill

Korean drama fans must know about Seopjikoji Hill. This vast expanse of meadow makes you feel happy while you are there. When spring arrives, the grasslands will turn yellowish green. While in the fall it will turn brownish. Well, It’s very Instagram-able, right? Seopjikoji Hill was also used to film the drama Warm and Cozy, All In, and My Girl.

3. In Hallasan National Park, you can see volcanoes that make you stunned at the beauty

hallasan nation park spot on jeju island

Besides Seipjikoji Hill, there is Hallasan National Park which will make our eyes stunned to see it. This tourist area is managed directly by the government of Jeju Island to maintain the stability of flora and fauna. You who like trekking will find heavenly scenery along the climb to Mount Halla, the highest mountain in Korea. No wonder that Hallasan National Park was also used for filming the drama My Lovely Sam Soon. Interested in visiting there?

4. Jeju Salt Beach is the perfect location to wait for dusk while enjoying the waves of Jeju Island

jeju salt beach spot on jeju island

During Jeju Island, you must maximize your vacation there, by not missing the beaches. Because in Jeju there are many beaches that you can visit such as Jeju Salt Beach. You can wait for dusk while enjoying the waves of Jeju waves. Btw, there is the drama Missing 9 which was shot at Jeju Salt Beach. Have you watched?

5. Want to hang out? Just drop by Bomnal Cafe


If you go to Jeju Island and want to try hanging out, you can come to Bomnal Cafe. Because in Bomnal Cafe you not only can get pretty coffee while taking photos but also enjoy the views of the seaside of Jeju Island. Bomnal Cafe is famous as one of the filming locations for the drama Warm and Cozy.

6. Let’s take a moment of nostalgia at the Teddy Bear Museum. Where is your favorite teddy bear?

the teddy bear museum

Who doesn’t remember the Teddy Bear Museum in the Korean drama Princess Hours? You can see various collections of cute and adorable teddy bears. Ranging from the size of a small teddy bear to a really big one. Here too, there are teddy bears that have been running for more than 100 years. The museum is divided into 3 parts, which is Art Hall (a teddy bear place with a collection of world designers), History Hall (an ancient collection of antique teddy bears), and Project Exhibition Hall (teddy bear room with various styles according to the theme, such as the bridal version traditional Korean or The Beatles version).

If you’re really a fan, every iconic location in Korean drama is definitely recorded clearly, especially this beautiful island. Hmm, so why don’t you visit 6 beautiful Spots on Jeju Island? Especially now for Jeju, you don’t have to bother taking care of a visa anymore. If you happen to meet Oppa who is shooting in 6 beautiful Spots on Jeju Island, don’t forget to take a photo right away!