Tiny But Comfortable, 6 Design Inspirations for Bathroom Under the Stairs

6 Design Inspirations for Bathroom Under the Stairs

Generally, empty space under the stairs is transformed into a storage space in the form of a bookcase or a cupboard to store various items in the house. However, there’s nothing wrong with presenting a bathroom down the stairs, especially if the house is often the arrival of guests or occupants of the house often fighting over the bathroom.

Although fairly small, the bathroom down the stairs can be arranged and designed in such a way so that it can be comfortably used as a bathroom in general. Just take a look at some of the following inspirations to present additional bathrooms in the house by utilizing the space under the stairs.

Bathroom with a horizontal ceramic arrangement

Bathroom Design Under the Stairs - 1

The small under stairs bathroom can look wider thanks to the ceramic with horizontal stripes on the floor or wall. In addition, use a slim shaped sink to save space. If you want to use a shower, choose a translucent barrier so that the bathroom down the stairs does not seem narrow.

Bathroom with ‘floating’ furniture

Tiny But Comfortable, 6 Design Inspirations for Bathroom Under the Stairs 1

The use of floating shelves can create the impression of a more spacious room. This also applies to the selection of bathroom equipment under the stairs, such as a sink and toilet seat.

In addition to looking more minimalist and modern, the design of the bathroom under the stairs will make it easier for you when you want to clean the bathroom, it’s more freely. Add beautiful paintings to the wall as decorations that don’t take up space.

Bright bathroom

Bathroom Under the Stairs - 4

Imagine if you were in a small room with lighting and limited air circulation? Especially for those of you who have a phobia of narrow spaces, that’s the reason why you have to make sure the lighting system is good in the bathroom down the stairs.

In addition to providing lighting that is evenly distributed throughout the room, the design of the bathroom under the stairs also installs a mirror with LED lights as its frame. Don’t forget, complete this room with an air outlet or exhaust fan to ensure smooth air circulation.

Bathroom under stairs with mirror illusions

Tiny But Comfortable, 6 Design Inspirations for Bathroom Under the Stairs 2

There are many ways to make a tiny bathroom look more spacious, one of which is to use mirror illusions. Not only the mirror mounted above the sink, but you can also use one of the walls to be filled with mirrored ceramic tiles like the inspiration above.

The design of the bathroom under the stairs not only looks modern, but you can also take a bath comfortably in a room that feels more relieved because of the illusion from the mirrors in the room.

Make interesting spots in the bathroom

tiny bathroom

Tiny size should not deter a bathroom under the stairs to look attractive. Putting the decorations will make the room narrower. Therefore, use a pretty minimalist bathroom ceramic like a triangle or square motif.

Hexagon-shaped ceramics for walls are also a good idea! Add some plant pots scattered in the bathroom to add to the beauty as well as decoration.

Save space with in-floor bathtub and ornamental plant pots

in-floor bathtub

For those of you who like a collection of ornamental plants, maybe the design inspiration of the bathroom under the stairs can be a material consideration. Place green plant pots in various corners of the room such as the shelf area near the sink mirror and the bathroom storage table.

Want to have a complete bathtub with a shower so you can relax more while bathing but the ceiling height is limited? You should apply a bathtub that is planted on the floor surface. That way, you can also stand comfortably when using a shower.

It turns out it’s not difficult to have a tiny bathroom under the stairs that still feels comfortable. Whatever bathroom design options under the stairs that you will apply later, also consider the drainage channels. You don’t want the water to seep into the room around it, right?

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