6 Fatal Makeup Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older


6 Fatal Makeup Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

Makeup has become a very important lifestyle today, especially for women. Many women can’t leave home without makeup, are you one of them?

Unfortunately, not all women can apply makeup well, there are still many mistakes that actually make them look older. Here are some 6 fatal makeup mistakes that make you look older, curious?

1. Cartoon eyebrows

Excessive eyebrows and hard looks are the worst. You might use an eyebrow pencil that isn’t right like it’s too soft or just too strong, so the results don’t look natural.

2. Excessive in applying foundation

Dry skin should not be covered using a foundation with a creamy texture. The thick, creamy formula of makeup products is usually created to provide full coverage in more pigments.

3. Choose a foundation that is too pale

If your skin color is pale and you choose a similar foundation color, then this will be a mistake. Choose a foundation color that is slightly warmer than your skin color.

4. Excessive use of concealer

apply concealer in certain areas, such as under the eyes to cover the darkness. this will prevent fine lines on the face.

5. Using a blush that is too red

Blush on does not need to be over-applied and you have to place it in the right area. Apply blush on top of cheekbones to give the impression of fresh skin.

6. Excessively applying highlighter

Applying a highlighter in the wrong area of ​​the face will only have a bad effect. Use it in the light area to touch your facial skin naturally, such as the brow bone, the base of the nose, and along the cheekbones.

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