7 Vegetarian Friendly Country


Eating meat is considered very delicious for some people. However, some people prefer to be vegetarian and avoid eating meat for life.

Generally, a vegetarian has difficulty choosing food, when they travel to other countries. The reason is, almost every country serves food that contains meat.

But apparently, there are also some countries that turned out to be very suitable for vegetarians.

1. United States



Since 1993, there have been around 50 vegetarian restaurants throughout the United States, and the number has continued to grow every day until now.

From San Francisco to Denver, then Chicago to Philadelphia, and in the heart of Texas, there are many vegetarian choices. One of the best restaurants is The Butcher’s Daughter, located in New York City.

2. Malaysia

manja restaurant

Because the majority of the Muslim community, even many dishes that do not contain pork. While the Hindu minority does not eat beef and some Buddhists do not eat meat at all.

This makes Malaysia a “paradise” for vegetarians. The best restaurant for vegetarians is Manja Restaurant located in Kuala Lumpur.

3. Scandinavia

Then there is Scandinavia which consists of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Scandinavians are believed to have fairly liberal attitudes towards various things. You will find a large selection of vegetarian food with a variety of variations there.

4. United Arab Emirates

UAE is also a country that is friendly for vegetarians The first reason is that 85 percent of the population consists of foreigners, mostly from Asian countries.

So, of course, they carry their habits, which mostly follow vegetarianism or veganism. Second, the UAE is famous for a variety of culinary made from nuts, such as hummus and falafel.

5. Ethiopia

One of the reasons that Ethiopians are vegetarians is because most of them are Orthodox Christians.

That means for 40 full days they experience Lent without touching meat or dairy products. The best restaurant for vegetarians in Ethiopia is Bait Al Mandi, Addis Ababa.

6. England

Britain is also one of the countries that serve a large selection of food for vegetarians. When walking around London, you will find plenty of Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Lebanese and Ethiopian food.

The menus at this restaurant tend to be vegetarian-friendly. The best restaurant for vegetarians is the Ceremony Restaurant in London.

7. Hungary

In Hungary, you will find many restaurants that serve food for vegetarians. In the city of Budapest alone, there are 23 tempting vegan restaurants. The best restaurant that serves a vegetarian menu is the Veganlove restaurant in Budapest.

Of the seven countries above, is there a destination of your dreams?

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