A Research Reveals the Cause of Falling in Love at First Sight


Ever felt love at first sight? Or maybe someone has told you that you are his love at first sight? Discussing love at first sight is always interesting. But what the cause of falling in love at first sight?

There are interesting studies related to love at first sight. Reporting from timesofindia.indiatimes.com, in a study published in the Journal of the International Association for Relationship Research, the researchers analyzed 500 dating experiences from 200 participants in their 20s. The research was divided into three stages, namely online surveys, laboratory research, and dating experiences that lasted more than 90 minutes.

The participants who went on dates were asked whether they experienced falling in love at first sight or not and whether they were physically attracted to their partners. The researchers also tried to analyze and measure “components of love” such as passion, intimacy, and commitment that influence the quality of a relationship.

From the results of statistical data it was found that falling in love at first sight was experienced 49 times by 32 participants with a component of love in the form of intimacy and commitment that was not possessed in the relationship. However, the participants experienced high physical attraction.

The researchers also concluded that the cause of falling in love at first sight is nothing more than a strong initial attraction and usually mostly due to the influence of lust. In other words, a person generally experiences falling in love at first sight because there is an influence of physical attraction.

A relationship requires a continuous and consistent effort from each partner to succeed. It took a long time to build a strong foundation. We may be attracted to someone when we first meet because of their physical appearance. But it takes a long time to be able to understand a partner, build intimacy, and create commitment in that relationship.

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