Acne Won’t Go Away? This Is the Reason Why


Acne Won’t Go Away?

The appearance of pimples on the face makes many people become less confident.

Everyone will want to have a smooth face without zits.

Many ways are available to eliminate facial pimples from natural ingredients to expensive facial treatments.

If all efforts have been made, but the pimples on the face won’t go away, there may be a number of factors that you don’t know.

It turns out there are some habits of people who unwittingly cause acne won’t go away.

And it is very likely some of these habits often you do.

Acne Won’t Go Away? This Is the Reason Why

1. Cellphone

Nowadays mobile phones have become an important item for everyone.

Even being away from your cellphone for at least five minutespeople will generally feel anxious and want to use their cellphone immediately.

But do you know if the use of cellphones is one of the causes of acne won’t go away?

2. Make up brush

Makeup has become a must for some women.

If you use a make-up brush every day, it is necessary to clean it regularly and must be completely clean.

Because, make-up brushes can contain bacteria, dirt, and oil that is not visible to the naked eye.

We recommend washing your makeup brushes every week and using make-up cleansers, before you wear make-up. Especially for you to have sensitive facial skin types. You have to really keep your makeup clean from germs.

3. Hair products

If you use a lot of hair styling products, you should be careful when you use them.

Whether it’s shampoo or dry hairspray, when exposed to the skin, it is not impossible that it can cause acne

The ingredients in shampoo and hairspray will be very dangerous if exposed to facial skin directly. So, cover your face and neck before you use these hair styling products.

4. Hands

Do you often touch your face without washing your hands first?

This habit can be one of the things that can cause pimples to come and stay on your face.

Without you knowing our hands have held several objects that are actually germs

Just imagine after you hold the handlebar of a car or motorcycle, then the hand is used to hold the face, meaning that the germs from the sweat attached to the handlebar will move on the face.

That is what causes the face to become acne.

Therefore, wash your hands regularly before touching your face.

5. Pillow Case

Who would have thought a pillowcase could also cause acne.

Especially if you have a lazy habit to change sheets and pillowcases.

Pillowcases can bring sweatdirt, and oil.

If all of these bacteria come into contact with the skin, it will trigger acne.

For that, you must replace the pillowcase once a week.

Now you know 5 habits that cause Acne won’t go Away.

Let‘s start to get rid of these bad habits.

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