Best Place for Hiking in Japan – 6 Mesmerizing Destination

Best Place for Hiking in Japan - 6 Mesmerizing Destination 1

Best Place for Hiking in Japan

Summer is synonymous with holidays on the beach with a relaxed atmosphere. But what if you spend the summer with a pleasant hiking or climbing trip?

Mount Fuji in Japan officially opened a hiking trail for the public this week. The ritual ceremony of cutting the rope at the Kana-torii Gate by local Shinto priests symbolizes the beginning of the national summer climbing season in Japan, which takes place from 1 July to 30 September 2019.

On August 11 yesterday, there was a mountain day celebration in Japan. When there is an opportunity to vacation in Japan, it never hurts to visit some of the following hiking destinations.

1. Mount Takao, Hachioji


Mount Takao has some of the best routes for climbing. Like the main line passing through the yard of the Yakuoin temple. Before reaching the top, you will be accompanied by a view of Mount Fuji on a clear day.

As a place to stay, you can choose Kelo Plaza Hotel Hachioji which has 200 contemporary rooms and suites that exude Japanese charm. The location is not far from downtown Tokyo.

2. Mount Mitake, Saitama


Located in the mountains of Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, Mount Mitake can be climbed, a trail through nature that is barely touched. Stop at various waterfalls, small temples, and peaks along the way.

3. Hakone, Kanagawa


Not far from Tokyo, Hakone is an onsen popular in the mountains of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Overnight at Odakyu No Yama Hotel, you will have access to hot springs, saunas, and steam rooms. In addition, unique lakefront views and a variety of hiking trails that lead to the forest.

4. Nikko


For a different atmosphere, Nikko is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites by packing a variety of outdoor attractions within easy reach of the Nikko Hoshinoyado Hotel. Walk from Ryuzu Waterfall to Yumoto Onsen via Senjogahara Swamp, before returning to the hotel to relax in the hot spa and hotel garden.

5. Mount Yoshino, Nara


Chikurin-in Gunpoen Ryokan on Mt. Yoshino is a forested temple town quiet on the mountain slopes of Nara Prefecture which offers a perfect escape from modern city life. Visitors can return to the past while exploring a small network of hiking trails that lead around the mountain.

6. Mitarai Valley, Nara

Mitarai Valley

Besides Mt. Yoshino, if you roam further south, you will enjoy emerald green rivers and avoid the heat of summer. Kohryokuen Nishisei offers traditional Japanese-style rooms positioned around a peaceful garden courtyard and hot springs. From this hotel, you can access hiking trails featuring dramatic waterfalls and famous suspension bridges that make the Mitarai Valley a place with the most spectacular views of Nara.

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