Causes of Skin Breakout and the Explanation


Causes of Skin Breakout

Skin breakout is a nightmare for everyone. Acne does not only arise at the age of puberty, but in fact, acne can also appear in adulthood. Not too easy to handle, even adult acne requires the help of a doctor so that it can be treated properly. Before turning to how to handle it, there’s nothing wrong with looking back, what causes breakout on the skin?

1. Diet

What you consume has a big influence on acne. Even a study states that food consumed will accumulate in the body and slowly will cause future problems, including acne.

2. Do you get enough sleep?

When the body experiences lack of sleep, it will increase stress levels in the body which are quite high. This will certainly affect the skin and make it easier to breakout and become more sensitive.

Causes of Skin Breakout, Here Is the Reason

3. Stress

Stress is also a major cause of acne that appears and is difficult to control. Many factors cause stress and are sometimes very difficult to avoid. As a solution, exercise and relaxation for a moment can be a mainstay to relieve fatigue which if left unchecked can turn into stress.

4. Wrong in treating skin

Using inappropriate products can also be a major cause of acne. So be sure to re-type your skin so that it doesn’t get stuck with care products that can cause acne that can damage the skin.

5. Sunlight

Sunlight can also trigger a breakout in the skin. Use an SPF that can protect the skin to reduce damage caused by UV light exposure.