Enjoy 5 Exciting Activities When Visiting Goa, India


Enjoy 5 Exciting Activities When Visiting Goa, India

For the last 2 years, India has become one of the most attractive destinations for foreign tourists. Not just yoga retreats, visiting temples and the famous Taj Mahal, many travelers are now exploring more of India from various interesting destinations.

One of them, a beautiful Indian beach. Goa is one of the destinations with a world-famous beach vibe. Although Bali as a beach destination star, Goa is now increasingly rising with the offer of lifestyles and plays that are laid back.

Not only offers beautiful beaches, but Goa also has Instagrammable shacks, with flea market and buzzing pubs that are also the target of traveling lovers.

Even though it is famous for its beaches, there are actually many exciting activities that you can do while visiting Goa, India.

Goa Carnival

Every year, you can see a colorful carnival in Goa. There will be thousands of people going down to Panjim Street and transforming into a pub party. This Goa Carnival will last for 4 days where there will be plenty of drinks and food.

Grand Floating Casino


Also in Panjim, you who have more budget can try Grand Floating Casino, which is a luxury boat named Deltin Royale that will take you to the Mandovi river.

Learn to play drums


For those of you who like hippy music, you can visit Aramboi beach where there will be a group gathered in a circle and playing various musical instruments, including drums. You can also play, dance or see them playing music.

Tasting Poi


Don’t be afraid of starvation while walking in Goa. Because besides the food is relatively cheap, you can also find Poi bread sellers along the way.

Poi is a typical Goa food made from wheat and usually has its contents. In addition to the roadside, you can also come to the Mapusa market to find the best Poi in Goa.

Kayaking on Spike’s river


Having an adventurous spirit must always be channeled every time I travel to India. You who like water sports can try on Spike’s river, North Goa (India). The mangroves on your left and right will add to the feel of the adventure getting thicker. If you’re lucky, you can also see various animals and plants typical of Goa such as mud crabs, storks, and others.

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