The Way That You Can Enjoy Your Work


Working is a compulsion. You could say that, because basically everyone doesn’t want to do any work in his life. All they want is how they get benefit at work, so they can get the feasibility of their lives. Or you could say they only want to get money. This kind of thinking makes everyone feel tortured in carrying out a job they have, even though their work for some people is something other people want. Then how can we enjoy the work we have?

Firstwe must be able to assume that work is a process.

Do not let us assume that the work is the purpose of life. We must be able to assume that the purpose of our lives can be obtained by us doing our work. By focusing on this goal, we will be able to get the motivation to always enjoy our work.

Second, separate between the affairs of our personal lives with matters of work.

Because these two matters will not be able to get the right correlation. Therefore, we must always have a different focus on these two matters. That way we will be able to get the maximum potential from the work we do.

Third, limit that anything bad that happens in our work is a risk.

By making bad things at riskwe will not hesitate to be able to survive in our work because with the riskwe will get greater benefits in our work.

The most important thing is the intention of ourselves to continue to enjoy all the processes that exist in our lives so that we will always do something sincerely.

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