Get Rid of Panda Eyes, Easy Ways to Fix Dark Circles Under Your Eyes


The panda eyes problem occurs when you sleep late at night or stay up too often. It usually occurs in busy people. Both busy doing work and busy about school assignments or lecture assignments. This method is very effective for removing panda eyes. Here the tips on how to to get rid of panda eyes without using chemicals material.

1. Using cucumbers

This method is very easy. You only need to buy one cucumber. Try to choose a freshly harvested cucumber. Because if you choose a cucumber that has withered or already long, then the efficacy of the cucumber will decrease.

Wash the cucumber so that it’s clean and then cut it round with a thickness of about 2 cm. Then place the cucumber in your eyes closed. Better yet, you also use a face mask.

Perform these activities regularly for 10-15 minutes. High water content and vitamins A, B, C in cucumbers are very good for skin care. Because it can tighten the skin, reduce the presence of dead skin and remove dark circles under your eyes.

2. Using ice cubes

It’s very simple to use and this material is easy to find. If you are lazy to make ice cubes yourself, you can it.

If you use makeup, clean it first. Besides, this is will also remove dust from your face.

The next step you only need to compress the bottom of your black eyes using ice cubes. Perform these activities regularly at night or before going to bed for 10-15 minutes.

Ice cubes are also suitable for those of you who have large pores of skin face. Because ice cubes help reduce the pores on the skin of the face. So that it can minimize the occurrence of acne on your face.

3. Using a tea bag that has been used

Brew tea using warm water. then strain the tea, then leave the tea for one night to dry. When it is dry, put the dried tea at the bottom of the eye. Perform these activities for 10-15 minutes regularly.

That is “How to Get Rid of Panda Eyes with These Three Ingredients, Fix Dark Circles Under Your Eyes”. Goodluck!

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