He Ignored You? Here Is the Reason

He Ignored You

He Ignored You? Here Is the Reason

It is natural if you fight with your couple and when angry, he will ignore you. But there are other reasons that make men ignore you and maybe you don’t realize it.

1. Hurts his ego

Naturally men have high egos, and if you underestimate them, that is a big mistake. Even if you accidentally do it or intend to just joke, not all men can be equated. There are some men who are sensitive to feelings and are more irritated faster.

2. Jealousy

His anger was jealous. Maybe you think there’s no problem walking with other men because you consider him a friend, but not so with men. They can think differently and it is not revealed to you. Try approaching and reducing jealousy with attention.

3. You ignore it first

Maybe you don’t realize that you actually ignored it first. Your attitude is too cold and indifferent to make him think ‘maybe you’re not interested in him’. It could be that he thinks you already have a boyfriend so it’s impossible to approach.

4. Your bad nature

There are several types of women who will be shunned by men, whether because you are bossy, spoiled, drama, or possessive. Like men who don’t like to face women who are troublesome and make them tired.

5. He is too busy

Maybe he is too busy with his own work and life so there is no time to pay attention to you. Relax, this is not your fault.

Try to identify him better or it would be better if you ask him directly. Because in the end, only communication can explain all ignorance and ignorance to you.


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