How to Use a Korean Sheet Mask Correctly, Get the Maximum Results

How to Use a Korean Sheet Mask Correctly

How to Use a Korean Sheet Mask Correctly, 8 Ways to Get Maximum Results

Healthy and beautiful facial skin is certainly a dream for every woman. To get it, various treatments are carried out from morning to night.

One that is usually done by women to beautify their faces while relaxing is to use a mask. The types of masks are now diverse ranging from those that must be applied to the face to the instant and just stick it

Now the most popular masks are Korean sheet masks or sheet masks. The country of ginseng is indeed known as the best skincare producer.

However, have you used sheet masks correctly? Sometimes some people often ignore the use of these masks and create new problems on the skin

You don’t want to be like that, right? Let’s read “How to Use a Korean Sheet Mask Correctly, 8 Ways to Get Maximum Results”

1. Put it in the refrigerator if you want to get cold sensation

Before using a sheet mask, it’s good if you put it in the refrigerator. It doesn’t need to be long, just 10 to 15 minutes.

The mask will cool and provide a refreshing and relaxed sensation when used. The effect can eliminate fatigue if used before going to bed at night.

2. Make sure the face is clean of makeup and dirt

The most important thing before using a mask is to make sure your face is clean. First, remove the makeup of your facial skin. Wash it until there is not the slightest bit left.

Cleaning the face before applying a mask is needed so that dirt and makeup do not prevent the pores from absorbing the contents. Remnants of make-up that are not clean can also make your face break out

3. Use Serum Before Using a Sheet Mask

You certainly have a lot of skincare, right? Well, before using a mask you should use your face care. Like the moisturizer, toner, serum or essence you need.

Apply skincare to make the product more absorbent to the skin. In addition, you can get multiple functions.

4. Use Face Masks Correctly

Using sheet masks must not be careless. Use a mask from top to bottom to prevent wrinkles. Also, avoid the eye area because the part is too sensitive.

When using a sheet mask you should wait while lying down so that the skin stays tight in the right direction. It also prevents the essence of your mask from dripping.

5. Flip Mask Let It Stay Cool

If you feel the mask is not cold, you can turn it over. That way you can still feel the fresh sensation.

This step may not be needed or can be missed. However, you can still try it too.

6. Don’t Use Too Long

Following the rules in sheet mask packaging is very important. Sometimes some people use masks longer than those listed so that the essence absorbs more.

However, this was actually a big mistake. If you use it for more than 15 to 20 minutes, the mask will dry out and so will your skin. Facial skin will need more hydration the next day if you let it dry.

7. Don’t Erase Excess Essence

A mistake many women make is washing their faces after using a sheet mask. the remnants of the essence must be left to absorb into the face until dry.

Maybe some will feel uncomfortable if the face feels wet or sticky. However, try to let the essence be absorbed by the facial skin.

8. Just massage or pat

Well, when the remnants of essence are still there, you can massage your face from the bottom up to make the skin tighter. Massage also increases blood flow and makes the skin glow.

Besides that, you can also pat your face slowly so that essence absorbs. not rubbed, but tapped.



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