K-pop Idols Diet Menu: Have Slim Body like these 10 Korean Celebrities

K-pop Idols Diet Menu: Have Slim Body like these 10 Korean Celebrities 1

K-pop Idols Diet Menu: Have Slim Body like these 10 Korean Celebrities

The beautiful face and slim body shape is a charm part of Korean entertainment world. The slim body they have is not got instantly.

Besides exercising, maintaining food intake is one of the most important ways to go on a diet. When dieting, these beautiful K-Pop actresses and idols have to struggle to keep their appetites from being tempted by the foods they never eat.

In undergoing a diet, the K-Pop actresses and idols also have a menu list of foods that can be eaten during the diet. Some also really avoid rice and only eat fruit and sweet potatoes, but not a few still include rice in their diet menu list.

The result? No need to doubt. The diet menu they consume is in fact successful in making their bodies ideal. Interested to try it? according The Daily Korea and Koreaboo this is 10 K-pop Idols diet menu:



Breakfast for one apple, two sweet potatoes at lunch and a glass of protein drink is the mainstay of IU’s diet

2. Bae Suzy


Unlike IU, Bae Suzy’s diet menu is more diverse. At breakfast Suzy ate processed chicken breast, sweet potatoes and a glass of low-fat milk. At lunch, Suzy ate brown rice and vegetable salad. At night, two sweet potatoes became Suzy’s choice for dinner.

3. Park Shin-hye


Cucumber and cabbage are a Park Shin-hye obligatory diet menu. At breakfastShin-hye only ate one cucumber and a glass of low-fat milk. In the afternoon there were half a serving of brown rice and cabbage. At night, this “Memories of the Alhambra” actresses again ate cucumber and cabbage.

4. Kang Sora


Sora Kang diet by eating yogurt and apples at breakfast. One serving of white rice and pumpkin porridge at lunch. At night, Kang Sora has more choices to eat by eating one sweet potato, cabbage and one sheet of toast.

5. Soyou, ex SISTAR


One sweet potato at breakfast, three hard-boiled eggs and a piece of toast at lunch, and three pieces of kimbap at night became Soyou‘s former SISTAR mainstay diet menu which made his body shape slim.

6. Seolhyun OAO


Not much different from IU, Seolhyun OAO also has a diet that isn’t much. Seolhyun only ate one sweet potato at breakfast, processed chicken breast at lunch and boiled eggs for dinner.

7. Soohyun AKMU

K-pop Idols Diet Menu: Have Slim Body like these 10 Korean Celebrities 2

Soohyun AKMU chose a diet menu by eating boiled eggs and one orange or several grapes for breakfast. Whereas for lunch there is a boiled egg, one toast and a vegetable salad. In the evening, Soohyun AKMU ate processed meat, one serving of rice and red mushrooms.

8. Ailee


Ailee also chose a diet whose calories should not exceed 500. Apples, chicken breast, soy milk and cucumber are Ailee’s breakfast menu. As for lunch, sweet potatoes, boiled eggs, vegetables and yogurt without taste. And for dinner, Ailee just ate small shrimp, vegetables and one banana.

9. Apink


In addition to abstinence from eating at night, Apink girlband also has a diet menu that is their guideline. At breakfast, the Apink members ate rice, chicken breast, apples, 10 cherry tomatoes, and white kimchi. While lunch is one sweet potato, chicken breast, 10 cherry tomatoes, broccoli and one apple. Especially for the afternoon they eat tofu, vegetables, soy milk, one banana and natto.

10. Gyuri, ex KARA


Different from the others, Gyuri ex KARA has a diet menu that is always eaten four times a day. Chicken breast, boiled eggs, fish and low-fat milk are the choices for breakfast. Whereas at lunch there is a glass of tomato juice, processed meat and vegetables.

Gyuri shares his dinner in two sessions. The first session he consumed meat, tofu, cabbage and boiled potatoes. While the second session is enough with meat and bean sprouts.


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