Korean Women’s Beauty Secrets: 10 Simple Facial Treatments With Stunning Results

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Korean Women’s Beauty Secrets: 10 Simple facial treatments with stunning results.

The skin is smoothbright, and glowing. The quality is often met with the beauty of Korean women’s faces. Maybe you feel that only Korean artists can do such a facial treatment. But apparently, it’s not entirely trueyou know!

Want to know what their secrets are? This time we will tell you about Korean women’s facial treatments that can make your beauty grow.

First step for Korean women’s beauty secrets, clean the dust and dirt that sticks with make-up remover or cleanser. This is important!

To start your treatment, you must ensure that your face is clean from all forms of dirt and the rest of the make-up. Make-up remover can clear your face from stubborn make-up such as makeup on the eyes. As for the cleanser, make sure that you choose oil based (oil cleanser). Besides being safer for your face, oil cleanser also cleans the remnants of make-up not lifted by your make-up remover.

After that, maximize the cleansing of your face facial soaps, try to using water based soap.

Make-up remover and oil cleanser is suitable for cleaning make-up and dirt. Nevertheless, the product will leave behind the chemical residue that you need to wipe with your soap. For examplemake-up remover usually contains ethanol that can dry the face.

Therefore, maximizing the cleanliness of your face with water-based facial cleanser is very necessary.

Thencontinue with the peeling cream or exfoliator to remove your dead skin cells! This step is done twice a week only.

The next step is to use an exfoliator or skin peel cream. This one cream removes dead cells and cleans up to the pores. This cream can also flatten skin tone. You just have to do this step twice a week to keep your skin healthy and not dry.

Before preparing the powder or make-up, balance the pH of your skin face with a toner.

After the skin of your face is clean in total from the previous three steps, now it’s time to prepare your face to receive the vitamins and nutrients you will give later. Toners serve as a balance of PH and facial moisture. Like a sponge, the toner will make your face easier to absorb nutrients and vitamins!

Essence, the most important part of Korean women’s beauty secrets. Just pat to the face by hand. Your face will shine!

Essence is a must in Korean facial care. Essence itself has several types of functions which among others is to make the skin more elastic and also accelerate new skin cells!

Then, use a serum or booster for a more specific facial skin treatment!

Serum and boosters can usually be adjusted to your skin problems in person. Whether you want to shrink pores, brighten skinremove facial spots or remove wrinkles. Serum and Booster are the answer. Use serum or booster after using essence in the same way, which is pat to face.

Face masks are also the next step for a well-nourished face!

Face masks serve to provide nutrients to your face. Like serums and boosters, you can customize face masks to suit your needs. There are a variety of face masks ranging from a vitamin C, face brightening, to acne scars remover!

Your eyes also need to be given a separate treatment. Use eye cream to avoid wrinkles at a young age!

The skin of the eye is one of the most fragile skin on the face. Wrinkles also usually start from the skin around the eyes. Therefore, the eyes area needs special care using eye cream.

To use eye creamstake a little cream with your sweet fingers and pat on the petals and under the eyes. Rememberpat it, don’t rub it!

In addition to moisturizing, routine application of moisturizers is also believed by Korean girls as a way to brighten the skin

Step nine is to use moisturizer on the face. Moisturizers also have many benefits, you know! In addition to moisturizing the face for sure, the moisturizer also locks the nutrients you give to the face in the previous steps.

And finally, use a night cream that matches your face, for good skin cell regeneration!

The final step of Korean women’s beauty secrets is to use a night cream before going to bed. Night cream has many benefitsincluding; repair the skin cells of your face that are damaged during sleep. Surely ‘they’ also prevent premature aging and make your face fresh when you wake up!

Although you think the ten steps were complicated or less natural, this is not the case with Korean girls. You can also pinch the steps, as long as you use products that are suitable and sure to be safe for the skin, especially the skin of your face. As long as routine, dream face skin is definitely not impossible to get!





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