Nagano, Beautiful Destinations in Japan that Are Not Crowded

Nagano, Beautiful Destinations in Japan that Are Not Crowded with Tourists 0

Do you have a dream to travel to Japan? Are you planning to go to Japan in the near future? Do you know where you want to go while traveling to Japan? Besides Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, you can enter Nagano into the list of your holiday itineraries in Japan.

Nagano is located around 3.5 hours by bus from Tokyo. This travel time of 3.5 can be shorter if you use the Shinkansen. If you have a JR Pass that has been purchased from your country, you can use the Shinkansen to travel to Nagano. Many beautiful places that only exist in Nagano. Check out our Travel review!

Zenkoji temple, an old temple made of wood. Zenkoji is home to the first Buddha statue in Japan. You can’t miss spiritual tourism here

Zenkoji temple, Nagano

This Zenkoji temple is located in the middle of Nagano Prefecture. Zenkoji temple is a temple building made of large and old wood. The Zenkoji Temple is home to the first Buddha statue in Japan. This Buddha Statue is only opened every 6 years. The schedule for opening the next Buddha statue is in 2021.

Have fun playing water at Shiraito Falls in Karuizawa. Beautiful waterfalls in the forest with modern facilities

Shiraito Falls, Nagano

The distance between Karuizawa and Nagano is only half an hour and the public transportation is good. It’s not difficult to reach Shiraito Falls in Karuizawa. Even though there are many modern facilities such as easy transportation and various food stalls, playing in this waterfall feels like entering a beautiful forest. The road to the waterfall also likes to be slippery if it gets rain.

Togakushi Shrine Path which is very beautiful scenery. There is also a ninja village for having fun.

Togakushi Shrine Path, Nagano

Actually what’s interesting isn’t the Togakushi Shrine building, but the road to the Togakusi Shrine. The location of the temple itself is on the hill. The road to the temple is very beautiful with trees on either side. The scenery is really good, especially when it’s autumn. Near the streets of Togakushi Shrine, there are also Ninja Village for having fun.

Matsumoto Castle, a beautiful Japanese temple & hiking in Kamikochi with easy paths. The scenery is like a fairyland.

Matsumoto Castle, Beautiful Destinations in Japan that Are Not Crowded with Tourists 4

Matsumoto is an area on the outskirts of Nagano. Apart from seeing the cute Japanese castle in Matsumoto, you can continue hiking up Kamikochi. Relax, the path to hiking in Kamikochi is quite easy. But, the scenery is incredible. Feels like getting into a beautiful fairy tale country.

Jigokudani hot springs and cute monkeys there. See the behavior of monkeys and the amazingly beautiful scenery there.

Jigokudani hot springs, Beautiful Destinations in Japan that Are Not Crowded with Tourists 5

I think this is the only hot springs that have monkeys. Funny thing is, these monkeys also take a bath in a hot spring. Besides seeing the funny monkey’s behavior. the view of Jigokudani Hot Springs is really good. You have to walk through the forest to get to the hot springs. Everything paid off if you see the incredible scenery there.

Snow ski resort Nagano is famous throughout the country. The scenery is spectacular.

Snow ski resort Nagano, Beautiful Destinations in Japan that Are Not Crowded with Tourists 6

Nagano began to be known by foreign tourists since the Winter Olympic event in 1998. Nagano does have many snow ski resorts. The expanse of mountains with white snow is one of Nagano’s icons. If it’s cold, there’s also an onsen at the snow ski resort area. Suitable for winter later!

Besides the amazingly beautiful tourist attractions, Nagano itself is quieter and not too many tourists like in Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto. Public transportation in Nagano is also good and very easy for travelers to explore various destinations in Nagano. There is no harm in entering Nagano greeting itinerary when you go to Japan.

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