Real Benefits of Using Toner After Washing Face, Can Prevents Acne


Real Benefits of Using Toner

Too many facial care products on the market often make us confused and do not know the specific benefits of the product. Some people just try it, without knowing what it is for. No exception for toner users who are still unfamiliar. Because it is still trial and error, using it becomes irregular, the benefits of toner do not apply perfectly

Although water-based, the toner contains active ingredients that help deal with specific skin problems. If used correctly, the skin will gradually become healthier and avoid acne. Here are the real benefits of using a toner after washing the face.

1. Facial toner can help balance the pH or potential of hydrogen on your skin

The pH level is an indication of skin acidity measured from a scale of 0 to 14, on a scale of 7 at a neutral level. Well, this toner will balance the pH level on the skin of the face. Your face is protected from oil and infection so it is brighter and smoother.

2. Toners can also help remove poisons from pollution and chemical debris that settles on your skin!

Environmental toxins such as smoke, fog, and other chemical residues can be removed with toner. If you regularly use toner, your face will look brighter and healthier. In the long run, using toner will also help remove zits, acne scars, and reduce wrinkles.

3. Excess oil levels on the face can clog the pores. Toner will make the pores on your face appear smaller

Large facial pores usually allow more dirt, oil, and toxins to enter the face. Toner is believed to tighten the pores of the face so that the face will be better protected from dirt and poisons from the environment.

4. By regularly using toner, the pimples on your face will quickly disappear and prevent it from causing scars

The appearance of acne will make the face look more dull, not to mention acne scars that usually interfere with the appearance. Well, by using toner, you can prevent acne on the face. Toner will remove oil buildup, residues, and dead skin cells that make the skin prone to acne.

5. Toner can hydrate by providing enough water for facial skin

Enough fluids are very important to maintain elasticity, smoothness, moisture on facial skin. If your facial skin is properly hydrated, you will automatically reduce the signs of skin aging. If your facial skin is smooth and free of wrinkles, any cosmetics will be easier to apply, right?

6. Besides hydration, toner is also believed to provide a good coating to maintain the moisture of your skin

Hydrated skin will form an outer layer that is protected against bad attacks such as free radicals and sun exposure. With toner, the skin becomes more resistant and is unsusceptible to environmental damage. Be sure to use a toner first before using moisturizer or serum. Because the condition of moist skin is easier to absorb ingredient in care products.

Now you know the reason why you need to routinely use a toner after washing your face. Before using it, choose a toner whose ingredients is adjusted to your skin’s needs!


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