Russian Women’s Beauty Secrets, 4 Beauty Treatments like a Model


Russian Women’s Beauty Secrets

It’s no secret that Russia is one of the countries with beautiful world models. Not only the luck of the gene that makes them tall, white, and with a thin face, Russian women certainly have their own ways to treat beauty. It is said that Russian women have a natural way to prevent wrinkles to make beautiful natural faces without makeup or fillers. Here are four secrets of Russian women‘s beauty:


Although already blessed with a beautiful face, Russian women certainly continue to maintain skin health. One of them is a warm Russian-style bath. Not just a sauna, they use ground coffee beans to improve circulation and reduce the appearance of veins and cellulite on the skin. The trick is to rub the coffee scrub on the part needed in the middle of a warm bath.

One of the famous models “Irina Shayk” claims to like Russian-style baths which are known to exfoliate dead skin and delay aging. Coffee is also known to revitalize the skin and prevent wrinkles.

Hair Care

The definition of beautiful hair for Russian women is a healthy scalp. They also use hydrating natural masks or tonics to balance the pH of the scalp and stimulate hair growth. For this reason, a mixture of cayenne chili and vodka hair serum is used. Both of these materials may be less practical to find. If so, you can regularly apply a mask that serves to nourish the scalp while hydrating.

Contouring with ice

The secret of the Russian faces is not only genetic but also ices. Reported by Byrdie, Empress Catherine always put ice cubes on her faceneck and chest every morning to reduce the appearance of sleep deprivation. This method can also be used as a natural contouring solution because it can prevent the face from appearing swollen. This technique can also be done before using a moisturizing cream for a firmer and shine face.

Cleansing Milk

It is said that Russian women prefer cleansing milk compared to cleansing foam or gel cleanser that can remove skin’s natural oils. Cleansing milk is indeed softer so it matches the weather in Russia which is sometimes very cold. If you want to rely solely on cleansing milk, be sure to choose one that can remove makeup, oil, and pollution. Many Russian women use microfiber cloth to clean their faces more extra.

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