This Bad Habit Will Make Your Body Weight Uncontrollably Increase


This Bad Habit Make Your Body Weight Uncontrollably Increase

Many people often complain about their weight. Body weight is often in the mind because it affects physical appearance, and of course self-confidence. In fact, the most important reason for having a healthy weight is not for appearance, but because controlling weight is very important for your health. Without weight control, you can be threatened with obesity and other dangerous health conditions.

The decisions you take every day can affect your weight, for example, after eating straight to bed or eating in a hurry. Therefore, consider the following five daily activities that are the cause of rapid weight gain to avoid future illnesses.

Bad habits below will Make Your Body Weight Uncontrollably Increase

Lack of drinking water turns out to make your weight go up uncontrollably

This is because it turns out thirst is identified as a sign that your body is starving. Now the feeling of hunger is what makes you want to eat continuously and leads to weight gain that is uncontrolled. Therefore make it a habit to drink enough water. Anyway, water doesn’t contain calories at all. So wanting to drink lot is also no problem

Eating in a hurry can give a “signal” to the brain if it is not full

To be able to quickly do the next activity, you often eat in a hurry. This trivial thing actually makes the body not given the opportunity to send “signals” to the brain if you are full. So you feel hungry and want to eat constantly.

Try eating slowly. By chewing more, put your cutlery while chewing, drinking water, removing distractions like a cellphone or TV, or even using a timer. Let the body also have time to send signals to the brain when it’s full. So you don’t starve easily.

Does not deal with stress well

Don’t underestimate stress. Stress can make you look for an escape to food to calm yourself. Because stress can make you want to eat anything to calm down. For example stress due to exams and heartbreak, then you have difficulty anticipating that feeling of anxiety. So, you will eat anything to calm down. Without realizing it suddenly gained weight. If it’s really stressful and looking for food, it’s better to deal with the source of stress itself and solve the problem from its roots. Avoid the kitchen or pantry where you know there is food. Or if you want to eat, choose healthy foods like fresh vegetables and fruit.

Staying up late makes you more hungry and likes to snack

Not sleeping until late at night is indeed dangerous for health. Not only does it make a headache if you often stay up late or lack sleep, but it also has the potential to make you gain weight. Because sleeping late at night makes you want to snack, while lack of sleep makes your stomach easy to feel hungry, you can’t help but want to use any food. So try adjusting your sleep well so that you avoid obesity later on.

Like to linger in front of a laptop, computer, or just play a cellphone

Sometimes there is feeling uncomfortable when in front of a laptop, computer, or playing cellphone without snacking on food. Even if it’s just candy, snack, chocolate, or fried food, basically there must be something to chew. Moreover, this daily activity does not consume energy, so there are not many calories wasted. No wonder the body weight rises quickly.

You need to reduce this daily activity so that your body weight doesn’t rise quickly. For most people, it’s much easier to gain weight than to lose weight. Better not to endanger our health with extra fat that is hard to throw away. Because if left unchecked it will make you obese later. If you are obese, you can suffer from various diseases. Some of them are cancer, heart disease, and stroke.