Tips for Starting Yoga, 5 Ways to Make It Optimal


Tips for Starting Yoga, 5 Ways to Make It Optimal

Yoga is an exercise that can help calm the mind and maintain fitness. Yoga can help improve fitness, productivity, creativity and quality of life. For those who have never tried yoga, this is a good time to start.

Before starting yoga it’s good to pay attention to a number of important things. For more optimal results, we need to follow some basic things in yoga. Here is 5 tips for starting yoga

1. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Keeping your body comfortable during yoga practice should be the top priority. Because we will stretch a number of muscles, then stretchy and loose clothes are needed so as not to limit our body movements. You should not wear accessories or choose fabric that can injure the skin.

2. Start with Basic Postures

As a beginner, it is important to start the movement with basic postures. Stretching and warming are also needed to prevent injury. Some basic yoga postures that can be tried include Mountain Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Plank, Triangle, Tree, Warrior, Seated Forward Bend, Bridge Pose, and Child’s Pose.

3. Consistent

Regular and consistent exercises can provide optimal results. Keep the exercise always routine because once you miss it, it will be difficult to start again from the beginning. Even though morning is the best time to do yoga, we can do yoga anytime as long as it is consistent with our practice.

4. Choose a Comfortable Place for Yoga Exercises

A comfortable place can make us more enthusiastic about doing yoga. Both at home and at a yoga practice site, make sure the chosen place is really comfortable. A place that allows us to move freely with good air circulation can be an ideal choice.

5. Make Challenges and Targets for Yourself

We need to make targets related to our goal of doing yoga. So that we can maintain our motivation and enthusiasm to consistently do yoga. We recommend that the targets and challenges that are made are truly reasonable and indeed can be done according to ability.

Keep up the spirit of starting yoga practice. It’s time to start new habits for a healthier lifestyle.

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