Top 15 Hotels in Hakone with the Best Onsens

Hotels in Hakone

Read on to find out 16 fantastic ryokans and hotels with onsen facilities where you can enjoy the best Hakone onsen experience in your life!

Hakone is located in Kanagawa prefecture and is only about one hour from Tokyo by train. This is the most popular tourist spot in Japan for those who want to explore the Onsen experience. Besides onsen, there are also famous sites including the Hakone Open-Air Museum and the Musee Du Petit Prince De Saint Exupéry A Hakone, a museum based on the book “The Little Prince” will keep you busy in a relaxed atmosphere.

Release your worries at one of the best hotels and ryokans in Hakone with their onsen.

1. Tsukino Yado Sara Hotel: Take the direct train from Shinjuku (from 451 USD)

Hotel Tsukino Yado Sara

Shinjuku is undoubtedly one of the favorite places for tourists. Famous for various activities such as shopping, this location is one of the “heart” of Tokyo. Just take the train directly from Shinjuku Tsukino Yado Sara station.

This hotel opened in December 2015. With a total of 56 rooms, the modern design of Tsukino Yado Sara provides a relaxed atmosphere. Basic facilities are also provided in the room.

Communal toiletries are available at Tsukino Yado Sara, where chic and modern onsen designs – unlike other hotels – provide a beautiful atmosphere. What makes Tsukino Yado Sara better is the room equipped with open onsens! Among them is the “Hollywood Twin” room where the fantastic view of the Sukumo River can be enjoyed fully from the window of your room! This is one of the best Hakone onsens out there.

Complete Japanese food, such as Wagyu Sukiyaki and Seafood Shabu Shabu, is served for dinner. Spacious, modern and private, this is the perfect hotel for couples.

2. Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort & Spa Hotel: Class and luxury (from 322 USD)


Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort & Spa is located in the Hakone Gora area – an area surrounded by lush greenery. This upscale resort hotel is not only famous for its onsen but also the fantastic food available. A total of 4 restaurants & lounges are available at the Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort & Spa. Among these are the Berce restaurant, where a former chef whose work was registered in 2013 “le guide Michelin” from France is now on duty.

A total of 80 rooms are available at the Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort & Spa. They all have a sun terrace or balcony and amazing natural views spread right outside the window.

The extensive onsen at the Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort & Spa is designed elegantly with a quiet design. The natural hot water from Owakudani Onsen can reduce health problems such as muscle and nerve pain. Plus, a spa is also available at the Hakone Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa, which allows guests to fully rejuvenate themselves in just one night!

3. Hakone Highland Hotel: seasonal dishes and superb onsen (from 177 USD)

Hakone Highland Hotel

Hakone Highland Hotel is a hotel where the seasons in Japan can be fully appreciated. Far from the city, this is a cathartic place where guests go to spend quiet time away from city life.

Unique French-Japanese fusion dishes can be enjoyed in the hotel restaurant. By using the best seasonal ingredients, Japanese cuisine is prepared in conjunction with traditional French cuisine techniques.

The fantastic onsen at Hakone Highland Hotel has indoor onsen, outdoor onsen, Jacuzzi and even a spa. Specially designed to enjoy the natural beauty, the amazing greenery that surrounds Hakone Highland Hotel can be appreciated from the onsen. Purification for the body and eyes, the onsen experience will remove your fatigue.

Hakone Highland Hotel is also located near the tourist attractions mentioned above the Hakone Open-Air Museum and the Musee Du Petit Prince De Saint Exupéry A Hakone, so make sure you consider this hotel for your Hakone exploration!

4. Odakyu Hotel de Yama: Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi (from 250 USD)

Odakyu Hotel de Yama


Odakyu Hotel de Yama is a large resort hotel with European-style architecture. Located near the hotel are famous places such as Hakone shrine, and guests can enjoy themselves inside the hotel itself – a beautiful flower garden located in the hotel complex that will bloom with colorful and vibrant flowers according to the season.

3 types of rooms are available at Odakyu Hotel de Yama, all of which offer views of Lake Ashi. Also, some of them have natural hot springs in the rooms! Exclusive views can be enjoyed from these personal onsens. Of course, the communal onsen “Tsutsuji no Yu” is also available. Natural hot water that is good for the skin. Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi are one of the famous natural sights that can be seen from Kanagawa prefecture. Magnificent views and beautiful onsen – what else can someone ask for?

5. The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko Hotel: Perfect scenic view (from 384 USD)

The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko

Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko is the perfect hotel for couples who want to spend luxurious time while respecting the nature of Hakone.

Two types of rooms are available at The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko. Those in the main building are characterized by large balconies, while others have large windows. Both rooms offer a natural view of The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko. There are also special rooms where Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi can be seen as well.

Natural hot springs are used for Lake Ashinoko Prince Hakone Onsen. Open onsens are also available and great views of Lake Ashi and Mount Fuji can be seen. The scenery is very beautiful in winter when the sky is clear blue. Onsen water is said to work for muscle fatigue, nerve pain, and joint pain as well.

6. Auberge Fontane Bleau Sengokutei: Open onsen in every room (from 818 USD)

Fontane Bleau Sengokutei

Fontane Bleau Sengokutei is a small auberge with only 12 rooms available. This is an auberge that runs on a concept to provide relaxation and tranquility through onsen and food.

3 types of rooms are available at Fontane Bleau Sengokutei and all have open onsen installed! Natural hot springs from Owakudani Onsen are used in Fontane Bleau Sengokutei, which is said to reduce health problems such as tired muscles and nerves.

7. Setsugetsuka Hotel: Best luxury (from 329 USD)

Setsugetsuka Hotel

Setsugetsuka is located in a very convenient location – only 1 minute from Gora station on foot. The hotel is equipped with a small souvenir shop with Hakone souvenirs. Food is served in the hotel restaurant where Japanese cuisine is complete with the use of the latest seasonal ingredients such as fish and vegetables. Wagyu Shabu Shabu and Tempura can also be enjoyed.

What makes Setsugetsuka more attractive is that all rooms in this hotel have an open-air bathtub. The rooms are designed in a beautiful Japanese style and have a calm atmosphere. Of course, communal showers are available at the hotel too. In communal bathtubs, several types of bathtubs are available which are designed with various themes. There are also personal onsens that can be ordered so make sure you check Setsugetsuka when planning a trip to Hakone!

8. Hakone Green Plaza Hotel: Enjoy views of Mount Fuji (from 293 USD)

Hotel Green Plaza Hakone

Hakone Green Plaza Hotel is a famous resort hotel with beautiful views of Mount Fuji. Several types of rooms are available at Hakone Green Plaza Hotel, including Western-style rooms, Japanese-style rooms, Western and Japanese hybrids and also some with open-air bathtubs attached. Depending on the direction of the room, beautiful views of Mount Fuji can be enjoyed all from your window!

Natural hot water from Sengokuhara Onsen is used at the Hakone Green Plaza Hotel. The majestic Mount Fuji can be appreciated from open onsens and natural hot water is said to be good for the skin. Furthermore, the Asian Twin Room is equipped with a private open-air onsen, allowing quiet and private time to be spent!

Hakone Green Plaza Hotel is also located near Hakone Shrine, Hakone Open-Air Museum and the Musee Du Petit Prince De Saint Exone A Hakone, so this might be the best hotel for Hakone exploration!

9. Kinnotake Hotel: An experience like a fairy tale (from 603 USD)

Kinnotake Sengokuhara(Adult Only)

Kinnotake is a hotel designed with the Taketori Monogatari theme, also known as “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter”. This is 10th-century Japanese fiction.

The hotel bar “Bamboo Bar” allows guests to enjoy delicious drinks while appreciating the beauty of bamboo gardens. Dinner and breakfast – complete Japanese food – can be enjoyed in your room without having to go to the dining area either, allowing high-quality luxury.

A total of 4 types of rooms are available at Kinnotake and all rooms at Kinnotake have an open-air bathtub installed, which all offer beautiful views of Mount Hakone. Furthermore, massage services can be ordered at “SPA months” from 3 pm to midnight, so guests can fully relax and recover from their fatigue.

10. Ichinoyu Shinkan Hotel: next to Hakone Yumoto Station! (from 162 USD)

Ichinoyu Shinkan

Ichinoyu Shinkan is located in the Tounosawa area in a slightly hilly area. Surrounded by lush greenery, about 10 minutes from Hakone Yumoto station on foot.

The hotel lobby is beautifully designed with stained glass and can enjoy the best seasonal food like Sashimi.

Ichinoyu Shinkan is famous for its amazing onsen. Unlike other onsens, the onsen in Ichinoyu Shinkan is designed in a very modern and elegant way. With high ceilings and stained glass, European-like onsen is amazing! Natural hot water is alkaline and is said to work for muscle aches, nerve pain and more. Furthermore, some rooms at Ichinoyu Shinkan have open onsen installed. Massage in your room can also be booked, and Ichinoyu Shinkan is among hotels where you can spend a luxurious time in Hakone.

11. Palace Hotel Hakone: resort of Mount Fuji (from 131 USD)

Palace Hotel Hakone

Palace Hotel Hakone offers services that match their names. This resort hotel is surrounded by Mount Hakone. Located on a hill, stunning natural views of Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi can be enjoyed from the hotel.

A total of 4 restaurants and bars are available at the Hakone Palace Hotel, where high-quality seasonal ingredients are used. International and Japanese cuisine can also be enjoyed. Also, there is an outdoor swimming pool (limited to summer) and a tennis court at the Hakone Palace Hotel as well, which allows guests to exercise freely in nature. A beauty salon is also available.

The onsen open at the Hakone Palace Hotel is also amazing. Natural hot water from Gora Onsen is used and hot alkaline water is said to have a recovery effect. There is also a sauna available.

12. Gora Hanaougi Madoka No Mori: Watch the beauty of the season

gora hanaougi madoka no mori

Gora Hanaougi is a hotel that offers beautiful natural scenery. A total of 5 types of rooms are available and have a beautiful Japanese-style wood-based design.

Breakfast and dinner are served directly to the hotel room, so there is no need to go to the dining hall. Complete Japanese food is served, including high-quality dishes such as Hida-Gyu beef.

The Onsen at Gora Hanaougi uses natural hot water from Gora Onsen and is said to reduce muscle fatigue, nerve pain, joint pain and more. Two types of open onsen can be enjoyed too. Also, there are rooms at Gora Hanaougi that have a private open-air attached, which allows guests to appreciate the beauty of the beautiful seasonal landscape of the room!

Gora Hanaougi is the perfect hotel for families with babies too – all floors in Gora Hanaougi have Tatami mats placed on top and don’t need to worry even though your children fall.

13. Hotel Harvest Hakone Koushien: fantastic mountain views (from 201 USD)

Hotel Harvest Hakone Koushien

Harvest Hotel Hakone Koushien is located in the Sengokubara area and is one of the hotels offering beautiful mountain views featuring Hakone. This resort hotel is located near popular tourist attractions such as the Hakone Lalique Museum as well, making it a convenient place for Hakone exploration.

The Onsen at Harvest Hotel Hakone Koushien is located on the top floor. Various types of bathtubs, such as indoor onsen, open onsen, jacuzzi, and even saunas are also available. Massage chairs are available in the lounge as well so that guests can use them for free after a great onsen experience!

14. Hotel Laforet Club Hakone Gora Yunosumika (from 274 USD)

Laforet Club Hakone Gora Yunosumika

Laforet Club Hakone Gora Yunosumika is located in the Naka Gora area, a quiet and green area. The design of the hotel has a modern but Japanese feel and has a relaxed atmosphere, unlike other hotels that are lively (and sometimes noisy) with tourists.

A souvenir shop that sells Hakone exclusive gifts, as well as restaurants, is available at Laforet Club Hakone Gora Yunosumika.

There are a total of 44 rooms at the Laforet Club Hakone Gora Yunosumika, where 24 of them have open onsen. Rooms with open onsens have dark brown wallpaper and are relatively spacious. Also, there are 6 rooms at the Laforet Club Hakone Gora Yunosumika where dogs are allowed too – you can finally plan an onsen vacation with your entire family!

In communal baths, natural hot springs from Owakudani Onsen are used and said to have effects such as reducing muscle fatigue and smoothing the skin.

15. Hotel Tenseien: easy access to popular places (from 136 USD)


Tenseien is a hotel that is famous for having two popular places, one of which is Tamasudare Waterfall which is located inside the hotel complex.

This hotel is perhaps best known for its amazing onsen, which combines 3 natural hot springs to make their home-made onsen. The water in onsens is said to work for nerve pain, muscle fatigue and more. In open onsen, amazing views of the Hakone landscape can be enjoyed. Furthermore, you might be able to enjoy the sky filled with beautiful stars at night!

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